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You've had your eye on a new car or maybe you are thinking about buying a home? However, when you check your credit scores, your low scores say no ma'am/no sir! We can assist you with getting inaccurate, obsolete, and unverifiable items removed from your credit report to increase your credit scores!


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Onboarding Process

Excited Much?

​ Our services begin by clicking on the "Consultation" tab and scheduling a consultation. Upon submission of the form, you will receive an email to confirm your consultation date and time.  Once your consultation is complete and we have learned your credit goals, we will begin creating your online client portal. Payment is not due until after you have completed onboarding and have received a credit report analysis.

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Dispute Process

Mail Time!

After successfully completing your client portal, you will receive a credit analysis report that details both negative and positive items reporting on your credit report. We will begin disputing and negotiating inaccurate, unverifiable, obsolete information and late payments on your behalf. If there are items you wish to not be disputed or you deem the account accurate, you may advise us upon receiving your credit analysis. During the process, we will monitor your credit to make sure you stay on track to meet your financial goals!

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Sit Back and Relax


This is the easy part! Sit back and relax and allow us to help you reach financial freedom! You will be equipped with the necessary tools and education to ensure that you maintain a positive credit profile.



We kindly ask that when you enroll in our program, timeliness is the top priority. We average an estimated time of 48 hours to complete onboarding. Before enrolling, please be sure you are able to dedicate the time to complete onboarding.